Premium Silent Cooling
• Channel the calmness and power of oceanic waves
• Low installation height
• Silent operation with anti-vibration padding
• Optimised blade design
• Advanced hydro dynamic bearing
• Intelligent fan performance
• Available in Photic Blue or Hadal Black editions
Power Of The Sea
The Akasa Alucia series channels the power of the oceanic waves into its performance in an active PC. Conveying a calm and tranquil feeling.
Convenient Low Installation Height
The Alucia XS12 slim fan has an installation height of only 15mm, making it suitable for small form factor cases and for installations where space is limited.
Silent Operation With Anti-Vibration Padding
Anti-vibration pads attached to each corner of the fan minimises operational noise and transmission of vibrations to the PC, case and other components. Keeping noise in check.
Optimised Blade Design
Sickle blade design with an improved hybrid, sharp and curved design provides great aerodynamic efficiency with excellent air flow of up to 41.59 CFM
Advanced Hydro Dynamic Bearing
HD Bearing technology utilises increased oil capacity which improves lubrication on the bearing, offering a smoother rotation. The improved oil distribution creates the ultimate fluidity which extends fan life and reliability up to 40,000 hours and a lowering fan noise.
Intelligent Fan Performance
Intelligent Pulse Width Modulation, speed control ensures that the fan cools your system efficiently, staying quiet under lower loads and performing effectively otherwise.
Advanced Fan
Alucia fan with advanced blade technology, intelligent PWM synced speed control from 700 - 2000 RPM, and damping pads to reduce operating vibration.
Pack Option
Alucia XS12 comes in two variations
• Photic Blue Edition (AK-FN122-BL)
• Hadal Black Edition (AK-FN122-BK)

Application PC case or heatsink fan
Dimension 120 x 120 x 15 mm
Bearing HD Bearing
Speed 700 - 2000 RPM
Max Airflow 41.59 CFM
Max Static Pressure 1.41 mm-H2O
Sound Level 16 - 31.5 dB(A)
Rated Voltage for Fan 12V DC
Rated Current for Fan 0.16 A
Fan Connector 4-Pin PWM
Fan Life 40,000 hours
Warranty 2 years
Product Code AK-FN122-BL